2nd Prague Security Conference: Security & The City – Panel Programme

Posted: May 2, 2013 in CEE Architecture & Urbanism, CEE Politics, Czech Politics

Panel 1: Political Violence (0930 – 1050)

  • –  Simon Steffal: Mad, Bad or Misunderstood: Anders Breivik & The Depoliticisation of Political Violence
  • –  Courtney Lawrence: Sympathy for the Devil: The RAF and German Public Opinion
  • –  Kristina Ristovska: Balkan Jihad: Failed Securitisation & Psychopathology in Bosnia
  • –  Vendula Zenata: The PKK’s Victim Complex: Identity, Ideology & Political Violence in Turkey

Panel 2: Security Beyond Sovereignty? (1100 – 1215)

  • –  Pavel Petrakov: Inconsistent Humanitarians: Understanding Non-Intervention in Syria
  • –  Rachel Buckly: Crisis, what Crisis? Male (In)securities and the US Defence Establishment
  • –  Veronika Bumbalova: Welcome to the Desert of the Real(ists): Securitisation & Iran as Rogue State

Keynote Panel: The Politics of Researching Politics (1300-1420)

  • –  Xymena Kurowska & Benjamin Tallis ‘Chiasmatic Crossings: Reflexive Research Encounters in

    Central & Eastern Europe’

  • –  Japhy Wilson – ‘Sabotage of Development: The Researcher as Lacan’s ‘objet petit a’


  • Panel 4: Prague and the Material Politics of (Post)communisms
  • –  Petra Zezulkova: Urban Geographies of Transition & Transitions in Czech Urban Geographies
  • –  Alina Travinicheva: Who and What is Prague For and How is it Done?
  • –  Kate Kochkina: Panelaks as the New Versailles: Power & Play in Communist Housing Estates

Panel 5: Power Structures: Socio-Spatial & Material Politics

  • –  Tony Tucker: Powers of Architecture & Architectures of Power in 20th Century Prague
  • –  Iolanta Chopova: Unholy Lands: Architecture & Power in Israel & Palestine
  • –  Conor Plese: Riding the City: A Politics of Urban Cycling
  • –  Tomas Bendl: To Live & Die in LA: LA School vs. Hollywood Representations of Los Angeles

Contact: Benjamin.tallis@aauni.edu 

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